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June 14th-15th, 2024

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Last Call

Beginning June 1


Early Bird

May only


Conference capped at 1,000 men. Get your seats today!

Registration reduced from actual cost ($120 per man) thanks to the generosity of Grace City


Friday is our favorite. We turn our 14-acre property into man-central. Games, challenges, and competitions for men and boys of every age. Test your metal, show off your skill, or just have a blast trying, these events are great for dads, sons, and everyone in between.

Stronger Man Nation conference textured background.jpeg


This year SMN has an exciting announcement. We are launching "Stronger Boys," a guided journey for dads with sons raising boys (ages 6-14) to be men. Product is limited to the first 100 dads who sign up. Dads will be invited to help us beta-test our product, helping us sharpen and refine it in preparation to help thousands of dads in the future.

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Friday, June 14th
Check-In 1pm-2pm
Opening Ceremony 2pm
End 9pm

Saturday, June 15th
Breakfast 7:30-8:30am
Start 9am
End 4pm


As always, our conference will have fun vendors for men, dads, and sons to explore between sessions. Many favorites are returning, with new vendors being added. This year's conference will include...

KTD branded axe and cover


  • The conference is open to all men.

  • The weekend is designed to have a cumulative effect. If you can only make Friday or Saturday, you can still register. But we highly, highly encourage you to plan for the whole weekend.

  • While we will try to provide a variety of options, we cannot guarantee to meet every need. If you have specific dietary restrictions, we suggest you make arrangements to bring your own food.

  • YES! We highly encourage fathers to bring their sons! We recommend ages 8 and up to fully enjoy the weekend (the multiple sessions could feel long for younger ages), but each dad can make his own decision based on the frame of his son.

  • No. And we'd really encourage you to plan to be there the whole time!

  • Let us know right away at

A 2-day event packed full of fun events, challenging competitions, loud singing, good food, and pull-no-punches teaching. 

Stronger Man Nation is a fraternity of like-minded men living out manhood
with clear eyes in a confused culture. We'd love for you to join us.


Stronger Man Nation 2023 conference photo

Calling a new generation of men into the high country of noble manhood

A community of like-minded men who bless women and children

Stronger Man Nation 2023 conference photo

An Invitation from Pastor Josh

In a land full of dragons, we need more dragon slayers.


SMN is a growing tribe of like-minded men. Our annual conference is where we gather the coals and stoke the fire to a movement of Stronger Men with a singular passion to play the man and live out our Stronger Man code.


That code is simple, compelling, and guides us into the high country of noble manhood.


PROTECT others from danger & harm. 

PROVIDE for others through hard work and sweat. 

LEAD others by our example and influence.  

LOVE deeply all those within our reach.


All in the service of others. All no matter the cost to ourselves. 


This is the meaningful life. 

This is the way of nobility. 

This is Stronger Man Nation.


I'll be there with my two sons, my brother, his two sons, and our dad...the OG stronger man in my life. All of us McPherson men would be honored for you to join us. We'll see you there.


Pastor Josh

Josh McPherson
Kill Dragons textured KTD logo.png


Our theme will focus on the first half of our ethos, "Kill the Dragon, Win the Girl." Pastor Josh will address this in main sessions, answering questions such as:

  • What will it take for you to become a threat to the enemy? 

  • How are you growing as a dangerous man under control and in the service of the King? 

  • Where are you weak and in need of strength?

  • Where are you cowardly and in need of courage?

  • Where are you fearful and in need of fortitude?

  • Where are you lazy and in need of initiative and action?

  • Where are you reckless and in need of self-control?

  • What defines the dragon slayer and how can you become one?

  • What are the dragons you're facing right now in your life, marriage, family?

  • What are common dragons that every man must face?

  • What are the specific dragons rearing their head in our culture?

Stronger Man Nation conference textured background.jpeg


A mark of SMN Con is the good food! Smash Burgers & Banana pudding headline Friday's dinner. Biscuits & gravy ring in Saturday morning. Catered lunch finishes the day. Snacks, drinks, and other refreshments are available throughout the conference.  

Smash Burger
Smash burger
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